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We offer comprehensive financial planning services that uniquely focus on providing income for life.

Financial Planning

Personalized financial planning is a highly effective way to reach any financial goal. It allows individuals and families to tailor a plan that will specifically meet their needs. We are planners at our core and provide comprehensive financial planning that includes investment planning, retirement planning, income planning, estate planning, and tax planning.

Working with a financial planner like those at Life Income can help ensure all aspects of the plan are considered in order to maximize the potential for success.

Income Planning

We take a unique approach to financial planning that focuses on income distribution to help ensure your money lasts for your lifetime and beyond. Income planning is an important component of financial planning, and involves creating strategies to maximize an individual’s sources of income after they stop working. We believe that a lot of financial planning focuses on accumulating wealth during your working years, investing it, and then drawing down the principal; however, we think an approach that focuses on helping you stretch those assets using a time segmented approach is more effective.

When creating an income plan, it is important to factor in things that could potentially negatively impact the success of your retirement income plan. Examples include tax liabilities, Medicare surcharges, unexpected health care expenses, and living longer than expected due to medical advancements.  When working with us, we seek to provide you with an effective plan that maximizes your income and achieves your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning involves developing strategies to help individuals save for their retirement years and then efficiently draw down those savings to fund retirement. This includes looking at income sources such as Social Security, pensions, annuities, investments in retirement accounts, and real estate. It also involves developing an income strategy that takes into account anticipated expenses so an accurate prediction of the money needed to fund a client’s retirement is well understood.

We help clients prepare for their retirement during the accumulation phase and in the years before retirement, but we specialize in helping clients with the preparation for retirement and distribution phase of retirement. At Life Income, we’re committed to ensuring you have enough income to maintain your chosen lifestyle in retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of financial planning that helps individuals and families prepare for the future. It involves creating a plan to manage assets and estates in the event of death or disability. This includes making decisions about how assets will be distributed among beneficiaries, as well as choosing someone to take care of the estate should something happen.

A good estate plan also takes into account taxes and provides strategies for managing them efficiently.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning can help people protect many aspects of their lives. By having the right insurance coverage in place, individuals and families can financially protect themselves from unexpected losses. This includes everything from health, life, auto and homeowners insurance to help protect you in the event of unfortunate events.

Annuities can also be used to provide guaranteed income and they often have long-term care or home health care insurance riders that can be used for added protection.

Tax Planning

With the right tax planning, we believe clients can reduce their overall tax burden, often significantly. Tax planning can include taking advantage of deductions, exemptions and credits to lessen the total amount owed, but it also includes strategies such as investing in certain types of accounts and strategically taking income in retirement to minimize taxes owed. With our focus on income planning, we’re always cognizant of tax planning because the more you withdraw then the more you’re likely to owe.

When in retirement, we develop diversified, systematic, and customized income plans that take many aspects of taxes into consideration, including the current tax law.

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