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At Life Income, we have decades of experience making your assets work for you. We take a unique approach to financial planning that focuses on income distribution to help ensure your money lasts for your lifetime and beyond.

Our Services

A well-designed financial plan needs to be robust and customized to you. We specialize in all aspects of planning and build comprehensive strategies that include all of the following under one roof:

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Income Planning

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Insurance Planning

Our Clients

At Life Income, we work with individuals of all ages on their financial and retirement planning. Our clients include those in the accumulation phase who are still employed and those in the distribution phase who have stopped working and are living off of their retirement savings, Social Security benefits, pensions, and other forms of secondary income. We specialize in helping clients transition from wealth accumulation to income distribution by developing personalized plans that position them for lifetime income. As part of working with clients, we also implement wealth transfer strategies to ensure assets pass to the next generation.

Why Income Planning?

We believe financial planning and retirement planning focused on income is essential for effective planning in today’s world. For future generations, and even the current generation of retirees, pensions are less commonplace than they once were, and uncertainty about the future of Social Security is growing. As a result, individuals must increasingly take personal responsibility to ensure that their post-career years remain financially secure in an age characterized by new risks, such as:

Longevity Risk

Inflation Risk

Investment Risk

Our Process

A well-crafted income plan is a valuable asset and an essential first step when planning for the future.  At Life Income, we’ll develop and manage such a plan for you using a time-segmented income strategy designed to meet your lifetime needs.

Your personalized plan

We’ll develop a plan that incorporates your financial goals, stage in life, and all of your sources of income in retirement.

Our disciplined long-term approach

We implement a financial plan that focuses on income as you approach retirement. The plan uses time segmentation to provide stable, predictable income while also giving time for potential growth.

Investments aligned to your plan

Investments are made across a diversified mix of assets and time segments of varying maturity dates. Our goal is providing income to fund your cost of living at all stages of life after your retirement.

Continuous review and adjustment

We’ll actively manage and review your plan regularly to ensure you’re on target to meet your goals. As you face life events or have changes in your need for income, we’ll adjust your plan accordingly.

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